Professional presence is the impression you make when you present yourself to others, whether they are peers, investors, employees, or clients. When engaged in interpersonal exchanges, it is imperative that you project an impression of veracity, dependability, and capability. People typically form impressions based on a limited amount of initial information they pick up when they first meet you. From these fleeting moments of contact, they conduct an analysis of whether they can trust and respect you. Your professional presence is a blend of your appearance, your gravitas, and your communication skills.


Dressing to fit the professional role that you intend to project involves conducting research on the people that you want to emulate. Identify individuals who radiate confidence and success in your industry and focus on how they are dressed. Studies show that making the effort to improve your appearance can have a profound positive effect on your confidence. This in turn can enhance your performance and improve the impression that you make on others.


Gravitas is the sincerity and strength of your professional presence. It signals to people that you have the credibility and confidence to convince and persuade others. If gravitas does not come naturally to you, try faking it by assuming a posture that conveys assurance and power. Although you may be pretending at first, eventually your confidence will increase until a presence that exudes gravitas becomes more natural to you.


One way to facilitate communication is to allow the people with whom you are interacting to speak first. Smile, ask questions and maintain eye contact. Make it clear that you understand what others are saying. To facilitate openness and trust, remain focused on the conversation, analyze the emotions of the other participants, and use assertive language in your responses.

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