Meeting the Financing Needs of Healthcare and Medical Providers

Healthcare and medical providers provide essential, life-saving services to their communities. Despite their value, many healthcare practices struggle to maintain good cash flow. Some even have to close their doors due to insufficient funds. At GP Solutions LLC, we want to keep that from happening by providing healthcare and medical financing to those who need it.

Loan Applications

Once approved for our healthcare financing, you can apply the funds toward any need. Some common examples of how other medical providers use their funds include:

  • Acquisitions: Many healthcare professionals use our financing programs to help them acquire existing practices.
  • Debt Consolidation: If you’re trying to juggle many monthly payments and high interest rates, use our medical financing program to consolidate your debt.
  • Equipment Leasing: Every healthcare practice needs equipment. If you’ve been unable to afford the equipment you need to continue providing leading care to your patients, we can help you through our medical equipment leasing program.
  • Working Capital: Working capital loans can easily be put toward anything. Use the funds to enrich your practice and continue serving your community.

All our loans come with generous terms. We proudly offer improvement loans, working capital and other types of healthcare financing to healthcare providers of all types, including veterinarians, doctors and dentists.

Apply Today

If your healthcare or medical practice is at risk, don’t wait any longer. Secure the working capital you need right away by applying for one of our healthcare loans.