Your business has grown to the point where you need office space outside of your home or the local coffee shop. The only problem is you don’t know how much space you need. If you underestimate, you will feel frustrated every day because you don’t have enough room for all your employees, business equipment, papers, and files. However, requesting too much space means you’re paying for more than you need. Below are some factors to consider to ensure you get exactly as much space as you need.

How Much Space Does Each Person Need?

Assuming that at least one other person works for your company, you will need to determine how much office space to assign to everyone. The higher the position, the more space that a person should receive. For example, the company president might receive an office that’s 400 square feet while manager offices might be half that large. Don’t forget to include employees who will have a desk at a cubicle and employees who sit in an open area. Lastly, be sure to include space for such things as conference rooms, break rooms, a reception area, and the mailroom.

Determine the Cost of Office Space by the Square Foot 

Most companies that sell commercial real estate price it by the square foot. You would multiply that number by the total square feet needed for your office to come up with the final cost. Keep in mind that you want to retain some flexibility in your lease in case you need more space as your company grows. You may even want to request more space than you need right now to avoid the hassle of having to break a commercial lease early or move after only a short time at your current location.

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