Company Type: Wine Broker

Location: Carmel, CA

30 Day Net Invoices: $5,000/Month

Description: The owner’s bank statements averaged about 10K in monthly gross. Her PL average for the past 2 years was pretty much dead even. Her credit score was hovering at 630-640. She had no collateral and only one credit card. She desperately needed $10K to pay for her upcoming business expenses and EDD fees that would be due at the end of 2019. She wasn’t able to qualify for an SBA loan nor was she able to get a line of credit. We discovered that she had over $5K of 30 Day Net of unpaid invoices. We managed to work with her debtors and funded her unpaid invoices before the 2019 ended. We also took the opportunity to remove all of her credit inquiries and late payments. That was at least a 30-40 point improvement in her credit score. Her business is on her way to a bright and successful 2020.