You went into business to make as much profit as possible, but it still seems like you could do better. The only problem is that you’re not sure how to make that happen. You have lowered every expense you could think of and added a new product line only to see your profit level remain flat. Although you may feel frustrated right now, there’s still more you can do to increase profitability. We recommend starting by analyzing your business from the inside rather than hiring an outside efficiency expert.

Know Your Profit Margin Per Sale or Product

Increasing profitability is impossible when you don’t know how much you spend to produce a product or how much you earn after expenses. If you don’t already have a report for this, don’t hesitate to start now. It shouldn’t take long to see if some products cause your company to lose money and which ones bring in the greatest profits.

You should know the profit margin and percentage for every product and service at a minimum. For example, if you sold an item for $20 that costs you $15 to make, your profit margin is $5 and 25 percent. Setting and managing profit margin goals is an easy way to see the bottom line improve. Keep in mind that you can’t set goals higher than what customers are willing to pay.

Allow More Telecommuting

With nearly everyone having a home computer and the numerous cloud-based resources available, having employees work from home can become more of a reality for you if it isn’t already. This can be beneficial to both parties. Employees save time and money on commuting, and you can lease less office space, have lower utility costs, and cut down on many other expenses.

Consider How to Increase Lead Generation

Your business will soon dry up without a steady supply of new leads. When times are tight, look for free or low-cost ways to expand your customer base such as blogging or connecting on social media.

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