When you don’t create a plan to create a corporate culture, it can develop into something you never intended when starting your company. Like anything worth having, you can’t expect to improve corporate culture without creating and implementing a plan to do so. Below we discuss 10 proven strategies for turning any workplace from negative and ineffective to one of cheerful collaboration and improved effectiveness.

How to Make Your Company an Excellent Place to Work

If you don’t know where to start, consider implementing some or all of these strategies:

  1. Observe the current culture and work within it to make improvements. 
  2. Model the behavior you want to see and expect from your employees. Eventually, mindsets will model improved behavior. 
  3. Select a few problem behaviors displayed by several people and create a specific plan to address them. 
  4. Choose a leadership team to begin working with small groups of employees to identify issues and set tangible goals for improving them. 
  5. Make sure everyone in your organization participates, from the highest level of management to entry-level and temporary employees. 
  6. When defining problematic behavior for employees, explain how this prevents the entire company from meeting pre-defined business objectives. 
  7. Be sure to praise employees as soon as you start seeing progress. 
  8. Require leadership from all departments to work together to meet this important common goal. 
  9. Choose the best behaviors you see and align them with company goals. 
  10. Continually evaluate how satisfied you feel with the current corporate culture and commit to making improvements as often as necessary.  

Maybe you agree with these steps but just don’t know how to begin implementing them in your current corporate culture. If so, GP Solutions is here to help. Please contact us to request a consultation for your small business today. We will start by identifying problem areas and then help you brainstorm ideas to begin tackling them.